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Those Good Old Boys Drinking.
Those Good Old Boys Drinking. Wow, now I get it. This must be why Americans love their pickup trucks.
Get Me To The Church On Time
Get Me To The Church On Time St Mary's Church in Shoreham to be exact, one sunny Saturday.
Shiny Parked up on Brighton seafront. I hate the instability of motorbikes but have to admit they really are beautiful.
Oxford Chariots
Oxford Chariots This was just too Oxford.
Breitling Babes
Breitling Babes Believe me there are young women wing walking on these planes, you just can't see them is all.
To Die For
To Die For They are called "Donorcycles" because of the high number of fatalities each year, but when they look like this one they really can be "To Die For".
Bits & Boats
Bits & Boats From The Shoreham Houseboat walk.

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